Movin’ Up

Hello Blogosphere! Oh how I have missed you~ It has been MONTHS since my last post on a blog site so here I am now! back on my feet and ready to fill this up with random content of my simple life…

A few months ago, I started my OJT for a Singapore company and was given a domain to create my own personal portfolio on it. Sadly though, just recently, their server had gone down and the backup for the page was not made. Sadly, I had to part with that lovely page I had called my own for 6 months. the development of my knowledge of the WordPress platform as well as Blogging in totality has greatly progressed because of that page so it saddened me deeply to know that it would be unrecoverable.

My initial plans to accept being absorbed into the company had not fallen through and I had to seek greener pastures. Waiting for an opportunity to happen would be a waste of time. Clearing the path for opportunities to follow through however, would be a much better use of my time.

That being so, I decided to search the vast internet world for possible job opportunities across the country and in Singapore as well. It was however, much more difficult to get a job in Singapore than I had originally expected. First off, the only real options here was to go through an agency, and it is common knowledge that there is quite a risk in doing so. Agencies here are not always very trustworthy and some could rob you of your moneys worth with outrageous fee amounts and what not. Aside from that, most companies abroad prefer to hire those that are either permanent residents in Singapore or those that are Singaporeans. So yeah, It was quite a tough time.

My whole month of April was dedicated to the job search. I attended a Job Fair in Marquee, a Job Fair that the school held and one in Manila after a seminar that we students attended in TIP. I got a single call from a company in Clark and that was that. So I obviously had to do something about this. Signing up online for a Jobstreet account was the best choice I made. I spent hours and hours modifying my online profile, just as meticulously as I had been doing formulating my resume. I was intent to make it as impressive as I possibly could and made it public for viewing. Just a few days later, I received calls from several companies daily, and got emails from prospective companies. I didn’t have to do much and it was moving things a lot faster for me.

Soon, I was able to get the best offer in a company in Makati. Though I had no original plans of moving there, the offer was just too tempting to turn down and my parents gave me their blessing and sent me on my way. Now it is my 9th day at work and I am blessed to have this opportunity. I am learning a great deal about my field and I am sure I will be able to apply all this knowledge in future opportunities that come up.

So yeah, I am definitely moving up! More updates for ya’ll soon! ❤

~The Lady Mystique~


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