Belle de Jour Power Planner

Good Day! Today’s post will be a (teeny weeny not-so-detailed) rave on the Belle de Jour 2012 Power Planner.


So here it is! My planner, on my desk… The blue pen on top was the one that came with the package. You can order your BDJ Planner online at the Belle de Jour website for P598. below is the planner I got last year from the site. I did not cover it with plastic and the front cover faded white, from then on I decided that whenever I get myself a new planner with a gorgeous front print, that I am covering it with plastic!!! There is a tutorial on the BDJ facebook page about how to cover your planner, so check it out 😀

First off, this planner was a gift from a good friend of mine, Syao Chan back in January, and is my 2nd Belle de Jour Planner to date. My first experience with this planner was back in college, though I didn’t use it as much as I thought I would. It was more of a personal diary rather than a planner as I felt I needed to fill in all the pages. It had plenty of room and it segregated schedules and tasks. Come 2012, when I started using the 2012 version, I found myself not using it to the full extent as I had originally thought. First off, I was taking my practicum course with the Singapore Company that I really didn’t have many other plans to begin with. True, I did fill up the pages, but it wasn’t much. That was until I started working.

Now as a working girl I can’t put the thing down! I spend so much time sorting my documents and writing down important things and I feel my day would be incomplete without it. I track down my expenses to the last peso and have been more aware of my income, what I am spending and how to handle my budget, which I think is one of the most important factors that the Planner offers to its users. Appointments and plans are all noted out and lists such as movies to watch, groceries, even nothing things down to remember in the future, basically everything and anything can be jotted down into this planner!

I would not recommend this for the students though, the Campus BDJ one would be a better alternative. The Belle de Jour Power Planner on the other hand, is targeted more to the working ladies. So five stars for this one 😀


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