The Makati Culinary Experience

Beautiful Wednesday Morning everyone! So here is a new category for my blog, and it is (as the category name implies) all about FOOD!

I love food, I mean who doesnt right? I would rather exercise until I faint rather than go on a diet. There are just so many things to try in the Philippines alone that there is a new experience for me everyday.

Being it my third week in Makati, I cannot say I have been to many places, and the places that I HAVE been to, arent exactly gourmet restaurants.

Along our street, there are a few places that seem pretty ok, the first place I ate dinner at was at a Binalot place next to a laundry shop, so so food, 40-100 budget range, not so significant either. The next place was along Wilson St. down by the Sports Complex, not so significant either. The next place….gah! See there’s really no interesting place I’ve been to >.<

Behind our building at work however, are container carts where you can buy various “lutong bahay” foods. Here they call them Jolly Jeeps and they sell a variety of ulam in a 35-80 peso price range, depending on viand orders and whether or not you have extra rice or veggies on the side. Apparently, the best selling stall is the one second from the left. I would recommend their Sinigang as they have larger servings and it tastes delicious! the same order in the third stall doesn’t seem worth 55 pesos. I have also had the tortang talong at the second stall, not so bad either but I am planning on trying the other ones also.

Aside from lunch meals, my workmates and I have merienda at 711 or buy some merienda food from the stalls then eat it at 711 with the rest of the team. My usual merienda is either mami or goto at stall 4, delish at 23 including styro and spoon 😀 20p if don’t need the latter. On good days I have a 29p hotdog sandwich at 711, or a 39p Spicy Asado Siopao 😀

So yeah, maybe tonight I will be able to give more reviews, I heard from a friend that Conti’s has great food, I may try that place this week or next. For tonight however, we are heading to some Persian cuisine down at Jupiter St. Hope the experience turns out well!

Till then guys 😀


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