My “Bored”ers Lifestyle

Living in Makati is a new experience for me, just getting here was a whole experience in itself actually. Good thing about it though is that what I make is enough for some simple city living and single mommy expenses back in Angeles City. I can manage tuition and some bills back at home which will give my parents more time to relax and spend on themselves. I havent really settled in much yet since there is still a lot I have to learn and get used to.

I basically spend my days planning my activities. The Belle de Jour Power Planner is an absolute essential for me that I feel so incomplete without it! All my schedules and tasks for the day, week and even month, are jotted down meticulously to keep myself organized. There, I can keep a record of what I am spending, how much income I make and how to properly segregate my finances into a budget.

Having an assortment of sidelines back in college helped me greatly as I have learned to apply the “envelope system” This system involves separating cash into various envelopes, intended for specific needs. Like let’s say one for tuition, one for food, one for rent etc. This way, I can quickly separate the cash for this particular expense. I would only take out money from a specific envelope in order to keep my expenses on track. Any remains from the previous week will added up to make up for the total amount allotted for that particular expense. Let us say I have 500p a week for food and only used up around 300 during the week. That means I have around 200 left from that week. To prepare for the next week I will simply add 300 to make up for the 500. Any money that is left over from my whole income amount will be put directly into the savings. It is a cool way to save some extra cash 😀

But this is not the only way I save money. It is always good to directly a percentage of your income directly into your savings. This should be followed religiously so as to make up your 8 month emergency fund. Super thanks to my MOM for making me watch, listen and read everything Suze Orman makes! She has changed our lives and our view on money and it has helped us greatly. I suggest you guys read up on her too or better yet, watch her show on CNBC 🙂

Anyway, perhaps you are wondering why the title of this post is what it is. Well, life in the dorm is quite boring… I don’t do much there rather than sleep, text, write down stuff, sort clothes…boring stuff. Don’t even have time to read any material there. Which means that sooner or later…I am going to get myself a tablet. :3 For this reason as well as the fact that I don’t want to bring my baby Asuka (Asus lappy) to Makati and have to leave it at the dorm.

At the dorm, the place is pretty clean and neat with ample room to make your way around. It has enough of the basic amenities including ceiling fans, a kitchen area, two bathrooms per floor, closet and cabinet space, dining and sitting area…washing and ironing area, refrigerator…so yeah, its all good.

Except for one little detail…


NOooooooooo!!!!!! I felt so bad when I found out about that. The place looked great and the kitchen had a stove and refrigerator but apparently, there was a no cooking allowed policy for the boarders. thing is, the previous borders had caused a fire by leaving cooking on the stove unattended. With that, cooking has not been allowed since. Good thing though, work has a full pantry. They have a toaster, waffle maker, microwave oven, refrigerator, complete kitchen utensils, free coffee, tea, iced tea, chocolate and water of course. So its not so bad really. I leave some food from home in the refrigerator of either the dorm or the office, but most of the time, the food stays in the office instead then reheated in the microwave.

I don’t have to spend any money on drinking water or any beverage because of its availability in the office, neither do I have to worry about water or electric bills. Basically my only real bills here will be on food, rent, daily grooming items, some laundry (since i usually take mine home for washing) and my fare to and from Pampanga. There is a considerable amount of income left for savings and single mommy expenses so I am all good 😀 Plus the fact that I walk to and from work…oooh what a lucky girl i am noh? ;3

Its actually kind of cool getting an awesome job that you didn’t even apply for, yeah? Luck is on my side with everything else too, THANK GOD!!

Bored here, but happy, thankful and blessed nonetheless ❤


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