Free treats at work from the bosses

Hahahaha! I wonder what his reaction would be if he finds this online? Anyway, here’s to say thanks to our SEO manager for the treat πŸ˜€

Review of the actual dish though? Best buy a hotdog sandwich from 711 instead… :p Its a so-so hotdog sandwich dish, nothing really significant about it. True, this one has grated cheese on top, unlike the one served at 711, but I dunno, I would rather get 711’s 29 peso ones instead.

Thanks though boss! for last weeks KFC Krushers Rocky Road (5 stars!) and yesterdays merienda. We will surely miss you ;(

On my first day here at work, it was Miss Odette’s birthday and for a birthday treat we ate at LKG’s Food Oddessey at the 11th floor. I had the roast beef and fish fillet. So-so dishes as well, nothing of real significance o.O must try the other places as well to do a more detailed review.

On my second day at work, halo-halo treat from Mark πŸ˜€ so yeah, aren’t they the sweetest?

One of the employees here at work also sells viands and rice to the rest for 60p per meal. Viands are either a fish and vegetable dish or home cooked ulam. I have only ever had the Menudo and its pretty good. Sadly though, that was the first and last time I buy from him since I am living on a penny a day. Need to save up on the food expenses….

and cut down on the Sinigang! Oh no! T__T


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