I love sinigang! It is one of my most favorite Philippine dishes that I just cannot do without. With that said, I decided to try out the dish served at the Jolly Jeeps out back.

Most of them sell sinigang in any case so its not that difficult to find. However, as expected, they are not all the best quality. Yesterday, I bought sinigang and rice for P55 at the third cart from the left. Aside from the small servings, the dish was not that tasty either and did not even have that many vegetables. A 55 peso disappointment really. One of my colleagues though had purchased the same dish at the second cart from the left and it was delicious! Same price as the third cart had but with more servings and better tasting as well. So that is where I bought lunch today! Yum šŸ˜€

What did you have for lunch today?


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