Travelling to and from Makati

As travelling is not starting to become a weekly task for me, I have (along the way) discovered various alternative to get to and from the destination. I have always loved an adventure, therefore I see travelling as a challenge, a chance to get to find new places and discover things unexpectedly. True, not all experiences are positive ones. I have gotten lost from time to time and found myself where I am not supposed to be in numerous occasions, yet that is all part of the challenge. It is because of embracing the unknown as is that I have become more adept in finding my way to the destination without asking so many useless questions from locals that (more often than not) have little to no idea what I am talking about in any case.

It is always an adventure to me to date since catching a bus is not always easy. There are times when the traffic is terrible that it pushes your ETA, and other times where you have no choice but to catch some bus that drops you off somewhere “considerably” nearby your destination, and other what-not’s that make the travelling game fun and exciting. Lucky enough I have still never been late for work and also have not had any need to do overtime or under time to get other errands done.


That being said, I hope tonight’s trip will get me home safely, and without the need for walking all the way from the subdivision gate due to tricycle ban.


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