Baon day Monday

Last night was baon day Monday for me so I really didn’t spend any money buying food from the stalls downstairs. With that I had my mom’s chicken adobo with some rice. Come merienda I tried out 711’s Breakfast Burrito for P49 (just for the hell of it) which had some tapa and egg drizzled in some honey mustard sauce. It was delicious! I just hated the fact that the saleslady didnt heat it up long enough in the oven. Will make a mental note of reminding the person at the counter to heat it longer, next time I buy some refrigerator food from 711. I also tried the Lipton sparkling lemon iced tea which was not bad for 23 pesos. It tasted just like Cali shandy, not bad either and it was a good first time experience for me. I was content and happy with my food choices and was planning on not buying anything else for dinner when I found out that the big bosses from the UK would be treating the employees to dinner.

Huwaaat! I just ate T_T Oh that awkward feeling when after eating a meal you find out that someone is buying dinner. We had Man Inasal’s half chicken (wing and breast part) not so sure what it is called exactly since I have never really ordered it from Mang Inasal. Anyway, it was served with some rice wrapped in banana leaves, chili oil and soy sauce. It was a good dinner treat and we all left the office happily. The rest of the girls didn’t finish their meals though which made me wonder, do I really have a bottomless pit for a stomach? ARGH!

I really need to find a way to curb my appetite and alter my cravings…Wendy says she is trying some Leisure Mango Slimming Juice which makes her lose her appetite as well as make any other food she eats tasteless. Wendy by the way, is a tiny thing that doesn’t even need to shed the pounds but hey, we all have our own outlook of beauty.

Brought some brownies to work today for Boss Angelo, it was a shame though that none of my colleagues wanted to sign the cardboard box as a remembrance :/ Good thing though since the boss might not be leaving at all now. The UK bosses are trying to find a way to keep him here. Awesome huh? I wonder when companies will start fighting for me hahaha!

Which brings me back to that memory of when Pfizer contacted me to ask if I wanted to work for them. Too bad nothing has topped my current offer yet. Brought my resume down from public employer viewing for a while, I need to work on my experience and learn more first. Which reminds me…yung Sablay ko! hehehehe




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