Life at Work

Wew! Sorry blogosphere, I haven’t been able to post anything as of late, I hope you have not gotten tired of me yet…no? good hahaha! Work has been quite a roller coaster recently, with the UK bosses visiting and the office buzzing with work, there has just been so much to think about that I could not find the time to update anything.

The week started off pretty gloomy, it was raining cats and dogs when I was on EDSA yesterday, and since I was on public transport, it was quite a challenge getting to my pad without being drenched. The flooding along our street was massive, I had to wave through the waters to get to work. Luckily enough there was a pedicab that took me through the flood waters. The driver was too shy to ask for a specific amount that I paid him 50 for his troubles. He must have been exhausted, and besides he deserved it 🙂

So that was pretty much it for my floody Makati experience. Will keep slippers in my bag from now on 😉

Oh and things at work have been working out for the better for everyone, people are getting recognized for their awesome dedication to their work and getting promoted 😀 So cool! Especially for Jake and Mark who really deserve it. They had it a long time coming and I wish them all the best 😀

I of course am too much of a newbie to have been recognized for anything extraordinary. Though working with such inspiring people, I am sure to make my mark in the profession sooner or later 🙂 I am just so blessed to be where I am now. Awesome work, awesome co workers and awesome company!




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