The quest for the ideal tablet

Considering my current geographical location at this current date and time, I have contemplated on the benefits of owning a tablet. Let’s face it, life can be so insanely boring without internet, even more so without some sort of technological device to keep us busy. Then again life can also be so risky, especially carrying around an expensive technological device with you daily without proper conceal-ability. Thus the reason why I am also mentally debating whether or not i should bring my baby Asuka to Makati with me.

Asuka is my baby Asus K43S, a sexy red birthday gift from my dad. It packs a punch and has been my trusty companion for the entire second semester of my graduating year. It was a shame though that it hadn’t come earlier since it would have been a big help with my thesis making. Anyway, I was thinking whether or not I should bring Asuka, or just buy a tablet.

A tablet would help greatly with portability and would certainly make things easier on the shoulder. Carrying around my laptop to and from work or even while travelling great distances can certainly wear a girl down. Or I could get myself a new sling bag? Satchel type? What I really need right now for Asuka though is a Kensington lock to strap down my lappy to some stable post in the dorm.

I guess this will have to do for the meantime. Anyway, I was originally on a quest to find the ideal tablet for me, since I sooner or later will be getting one for myself once I have saved enough moolah. Talking to Vahn a couple of weeks back he suggested I get the Blackberry Playbook. After more online searching though I have come to the conclusion that what I could really get the most out of is….

The ASUS Transformer Prime!~

Considering however, the negative reviews on their Facebook fanpage regarding rebooting issues, I think I will have to contemplate on it more.

The IPAD2 has also been a tempting tablet for quite some time now, but I would prefer something Android, and one that does not have Adobe Flash playback issues…

Wew, need to wait a while I guess before buying one :/


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