Tempura Japanese Grill and GT Tower

Since North Park was full, the team decided to check out the restaurant next door, Tempura Japanese Grill

Gosh I wish i had more pictures! I still don’t have a camera haha! or I am just too lazy to take pictures with the one I have…anyway. Most of the team ordered bentos, I got myself the Ebi Katsudon dish šŸ˜€

for 200 something, I don’t think it is worth it. It was a good treat from Boss Angelo and I think I just failed to order the right dish. The meat didn’t look like meat at all, more of a mashed up meatloaf version of the real thing instead. The tuna sashimi was delicious though, along with the Tempura that i nabbed off Cris’ bento box šŸ˜€ This is not a cheap restaurant since the price range starts at a little over a hundred pesos. Nonetheless it was a great night with the team šŸ™‚


Tonight we are checking out Gilligans at Glorietta 5 šŸ˜€

For lunch today I had a meal at City Grill for 89 pesos. Pork steak (liempo) with rice. It was nice of the server to fill my plate with fried egg and some veggies, yey!

It is because of that scenario that I will make an effort to continue wearing dresses :3

Oh this blessed feeling ā¤


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