Beautiful June!

Hi all 😀 First off, Happy Independence Day to the beautiful Republic of the Philippines!

As always, this picture was grabbed of Google o.O Anyway, so here I am at the office, typing away on a holiday. Why you ask? because Buen is still sleeping! Haha 😀 So prior plans of the SEO team to go to Tagaytay were cancelled, I had to make new arrangements. For those not in the know, I have this habit of making backup plans if in case things well, do not go as originally planned. I don’t like the feeling of disappointment so I keep myself busy. Plus that is what single life is all about! You have to keep yourself on the go and busy so you don’t go all emo and senti over not being in a relationship.

So yeah, plans for today are a nice walk through Makati with a good friend of mine. But while I am waiting here at the office for him, I will give you guys a recap of the week that has passed.

I tried a couple of places to eat including a nice Persian place along Jupiter street called Mana-ish. I did some catching up with an old friend that I forgot to take pictures of the food! Gah…. So I will just have to summarize the review to: the food was great. I must admit that I completely forgot the names of our order. Yeah, super FAIL again O_O Anyway I will get back to you guys on that when I visit the place again, promise!

So after Wednesday at the Persian place, I met up with Canon to try Army Navy Burgers and Burritos. This I have pictures for so you will just have to wait until the update :p

My weekend was lovely at home, my son has this new habit of kissing me on the cheek when I am still sleeping in the morning. He sleeps much earlier than myself and therefore wakes up earlier as well. When he gets out of bed I am most of the time still lying asleep, hence his adorable new habit. Isn’t he the sweetest ❤ Did some sewing of clothes and helping out with the household chores and errands so there was nothing really eventful that transcribed at the time. I did get a piercing headache some time in the evening though, argh.

So yeah, I guess I will just have to continue doing some work here while waiting. Nasaan na kaya yun?

Good Afternoon WordPressers 😀



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