Changing views

During the weekend, I spent some time contemplating on my current status in life. No, I am not talking about relationships and what not, I mean in totality. There was one question that echoed in my thoughts:

“Am I where I want to be in this moment in time?”

I have always considered myself a dreamer, I have had goals, ambitions and aspirations that range from outrageous to practical. My mind leads me from one distinct vision to another that I cannot help but list them down in my To-Do List. I am not sure if this is a healthy approach to life but I am a deep thinker and I drown myself in thoughts, memories and dreams at an uncontrollable rate. I cannot help myself, I need to keep things going in my head and I crave those moments where ideas and inspiration come to me unexpectedly.

It is with that, I have realized something. Last Saturday upon getting the results of my medical test, I realized that I was lacking on several aspects of my life. I had become so relaxed and lazy since my graduation that it has effected my usual productivity at work. I feel I have let myself down and gone into a slight depression stage for some sort. A state of mind that has remained in the mind since it has failed to outwardly show in my physical appearance, or so I thought. I knew that I was not getting any better or healthier, I needed to do something to change that. I needed to improve on my well being, my health and of course my outlook on life.

Time is something that we can never grasp, pause or contain no matter how hard we try. In this moment in time I thought to myself, I need to do more, much much more. Though I am exactly where I pictured myself to be after graduation, I cannot help but think that I have not given enough of myself. So upon careful reflection, I have decided to reassess my priorities, set specific goals and standardize my way of living.

So starting today, I will be creating new habits 🙂 Today will be Day 1 of my reformation.

With God’s help, I will be able to make it through. There are still so many aspects about myself that I need to improve and be the best person that I can be. I will be giving it my all and will try my very best not to waste any more precious time in procrastination…

Wish me luck 🙂


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