Recap of Changing Views: On Educating Myself More

So here I am in Day 2 of my journey to efficiency. I must say in some areas I have adapted but in others, I still need some work. There are many factors in which I still need to revise, one of which would be my Audio Book listening.

I have made a mental reminder to myself to always have a new audio book ready per week. I have been so busy with work and personal matters that I have not been reading as much as I would want to. Since I would drive myself to motion sickness reading a book while travelling, I decided to listen to audio books instead.

I have downloaded quite a lot of them and I must say that it beats just listening to music while on the road. Not only am I entertaining myself while travelling, I educate myself as well with vital information that I can apply to my daily life. Some of the books I have been listening to include:

I currently have the first two on repeat on my player, especially 3 Seconds as it has been a very enlightening audio book for me. I have indeed learned a lot of things that I can adapt and apply.

There days I am listening to a lot of self-help books, mostly because I believe that I do not have to wait for a situation or circumstance to learn from experience rather I can learn from the experience of others. I know that it would be better to learn first hand but there are just things, instances and situations that we just haven’t come across yet. Along with the fact that we may never come across the particular experience at all. This is a really good way to learn a lot of things based on the experiences of others. Inspirational books are the bomb! \m/

I am also listening to Suze Orman, whom I believe is the ultimate financial help professional ever! my mom introduced the TV show to me a couple of years and we have been hooked ever since. It has been a great help to me in particular since I started working and has completely changed my view on money. I would highly recommend her audio books 😀


<Back to work, will update this post again soon 🙂 >


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