Pet peeves list UPDATED

On my way to Makati, I must have seen 5 people spit on the road which got me thinking. It is so uncivilized, annoying….hmmm spitting on the road must be one of my pet peeves! So I decided on this entry, my list of pet peeves, in not particular order…

1. Spitting on the road – where did you grow up? In a barn with the donkeys? Do it discreetly or in a restroom. Spitting does not make you look cool.

2. Swearing – though I have a lot of friends and family that swear, It is not something I want to hear regularly in casual conversation. I believe in treating people with respect and swearing while talking to someone, to me, is just a sign of the opposite. Which is also why I seldom, to NEVER swear.

3. Lack of respect to the elderly – I grew up in a family that has great respect for elders, always thinking of their well-being before others. This is why I despise seeing youngsters seated comfortably on the LRT/MRT while an old man/lady is standing in front of them, hanging on to the railings.

4. Leftovers on the plate – My dad would always say how lucky I was to have a full plate of food in front of me during meal times and has always made me finish everything on my plate. Since I also enjoy cooking, I find happiness in seeing no remains of my cooking on the plate, otherwise it makes me feel as though the food was not good enough to finish. Waste not want not as the saying goes.

5. Dirty nails – Be it toe nails or finger nails, I find dirty nails extremely unhygienic. People use hands for virtually everything in their day to day lives, let’s keep em clean.

6.  People bearing false promises – Alright so we are all guilty of this at some point. What I am referring to however, are those people that make a habit of this and as a result, become people that lose their credibility. I suppose this pet peeve is also one of the reasons why I do not always take declarations seriously..i.e. “I am going to give you t<insert item here> on <insert date here>” or “I am going to <insert activity here> for you!” but the phrase never materializes into reality.

7. Impulsive decisions, Impulsive retractions – If you decide on something and make a commitment to it, keep it. Similar to the previous pet peeve, retracting commitments as impulsive as the moment they were made is a clear sign of lack of credibility. This of course is still subject to a case to case basis as there may very well be a valid explanation for the retraction, otherwise however… grr you! >.<!

8. Not cleaning up after yourself – This is best manifested in public places, restrooms, food establishments etc. I have great respect for those people that think about others even in the simplest of ways. Which brings me back to a vivid memory with my mother when I removed the metal seal inside the milk canister. “Fold the edges before you throw it in the trash can, someone might get hurt! (the people handling trash or recycling)” It was a simple gesture, but in that simple way, it was also thinking of others.

9. Lack of etiquette and social graces – I know I am not the most well-mannered girl out there, but I try my best to be. In today’s society, there is an extreme lack of etiquette and social graces. Being polite, saying “please” and “thank you” or even “take care” is quite rare nowadays. I realized this when an employee at my previous university was surprised when I used “Po”, “Opo” and “Salamat Po” and mentioned that not many students practice common courtesy. I feel this is a social disgrace.

10. Disregard to pedestrians on the crossing – There are times when jaywalking is inevitable, but there are also times where you simply must use the Pedestrian Crossing. What bothers me here is the drivers that refuse to let a pedestrian cross. This is why I always stare a driver straight in the eye when crossing the road, as if saying “This is the face of the girl that will haunt you for the rest of your life if you dare to run her over while she is on the pedestrian lane!” Yep, LIKE A BOSS! LOL!

11. Beggars – Now this particular pet peeve boils down to those beggars that are either children, young adults and people that are otherwise healthy and capable of doing work to earn some decent cash. I never give children alms if not only to make them go away. This is because I know that I would do nothing more than add to the ruining of their futures. I would make them dependent and content with having to beg from random passerby’s instead of having big dreams of wanting to be more in their lives. I have a soft spot however for those that are elderly or disabled, or even the children that are selling on the streets. That’s the time when I am willing to spare some change. Hey, at least they are doing something to earn money and not waiting for change to be handed over to them.

12. Trash Talking – Remember that pet peeve of mine about swearing? Same goes with trash talking but this is a little but more specific. I am the type of girl that would rather keep mum about something rather than lash out and insult people. This was an extremely hard trait to acquire since for years I have been tactless with my emotions and have hurt many people with my words as a result. Now however, I find it much easier to just turn and walk away, thereby avoiding the “Trash Talk” phase that would have most probably ensued otherwise. It irks me to see people going through this, especially in public.

13.  ~~~will add more when I remember them :p


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