Productivity Influx

For the past couple of weeks I have been monitoring my productivity. I am not the most hard working girl in the world nor am I the laziest. At some point or another I will have writing blocks that slow things down for me. It is not always easy to keep creativity up at optimum efficiency and the past couple of weeks has been that sort of time.

I must admit though, I have been reading through ways to improve my productivity and get things done. I know that many things distract me from my goals and that these things do not always intend to do so. First would be the upcoming series of dental surgeries that I will have to undergo for an impacted molar. I’m am praying for a speedy recovery since I would not want to have to miss a work day. I have a lot of things piled up as is…

Second would be coping with the headaches. The unpredictable weather conditions as of late have toiled on my migraines. Currently taking more vitamins and supplements to help cope.

Third, the weather….i need more warm clothing >.<!!!


So yeah, more updates soon hopefully. It has been quite a busy work week for me…Yet I am learning so much that its awesome!!!!




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