Friend Zone

The term is quite frequent in casual conversation nowadays and this term mostly pertains to the male friends of an otherwise interesting female. So you are a guy, that is interested in pursuing a relationship with a girl. You go above and beyond in your efforts in trying to make her realize this yet to no avail. You are happy, she is happy yet there is no relationship beyond friendship simply because she sees you as a friend and nothing more. This my dear friends,err, is what society today calls “Friend Zone”.

Recently I have had my fair share and this is not necessarily because I am daft, well in a sense maybe I am. But rather because there are some things that people cannot put a label upon. First off, you cannot assume the intentions of a person based on actions alone. As the saying goes, though actions do speak louder than words, actions are nothing without words to back them up. I have many many friends who mean the world to me. People may jump to conclusions on the friendship, assuming a relationship or further interest that goes beyond the boundary of mutual understanding. Yet alas, friendship is still friendship. I do not assume otherwise without prior warning from the immediate person involved. Sadly though, many people enjoy this amusing display of affection, labeling it with what they please: an obvious spark going towards a relationship.

But that isn’t always the case now is it?

I for one, am happy and content with the people around me. My friends are my family, I may not have so many close friends yet those that I do have, are true, down to the very core ❤ I am not saying that I don’t need a relationship, rather that I am perfectly content with how things are for me now. Being in one or not, it doesn’t matter. I place my life in God’s hands, he knows what is best and if being single for the mean time is what is written in my destiny then so be it.

Happily single, surrounded by loved ones 🙂


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