Happy Birthday Chunky!

In just an hour and a couple more minutes it will be my son’s 5th birthday.

My son? Did you know I had a son?

That I spent my college days at school taking him to school and picking him up daily?

That I thought of every sideline I could just to contribute to supporting his needs?

Well, maybe you didn’t and maybe you did.

Maybe you thought I was joking.

Maybe you thought I was just another student that had all the time in the world.

Maybe, just maybe, you didn’t and could’nt believe it.

Well, its true. I have a beautiful baby boy named Ethan Joshua.

If you ever saw me playful with a 4 year old, then that would most likely be him 🙂

I spend every waking moment of my life wondering if I will ever be enough.

If I can support him as both a mother and a father.

Five whole years of being a single parent. I thought I would be going through severe depression.

Then you smile

I hear you laugh

I feel you kiss me on the cheek to wake me up in the morning

I feel you hug me and pat me on the back when I suddenly cry

Then I realize

How can someone so young be so much stronger than I?

Is my heart really this weak?

You hold my hand and say something silly to me.

Then all the sadness fades into nothingness.

It’s worth it

The struggle of being successful at who I really want to be

and being a mother to the sweetest little boy in the world.

Thank you for keeping me strong, for making me accomplish the things I love.

For being understanding

For being so supportive

For loving me no matter what.

Atleast with you, I am perfect.

In your eyes, I am worth loving.

Thank you EJ, I love you very very much


Your mum,

Tatiana 🙂


5 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Chunky!

      1. A late congratulation for graduation, was just reading your blog and saw this quite interesting post. My wife and I were young parents too but we had each other when our daughter is born, now we have another. Hehehe. Good luck with your kid 🙂

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