The Food Collage

Going through my phone’s pictures, I realised that there were still a lot of food pics that I forgot to upload. So yes, here they all are! Since I am to preoccupied with other priorities to make a post for each o.O

Spicy Tapa at Balot Balot

On one of our walks home, my Boss Mark and his girlfriend introduced this particular dish. At Balot Balot they serve typical “binalot” style foods which consists of a single viand on top of a cup of rice with a side of tomato and hard boiled egg. For the first few months of my stay, this dish costs P50 but has since gone up to P55. Balot Balot along Dela Rosa has also moved to another location further into Pio Del Pilar. Sad really, I don’t pass that way on my way to or from work :/ You can also opt for sans the chili sauce, but I always love spicy food so….

A side of soup is free if you dine there. I love their Sinigang soup since it is quite thick and full of flavor 😀

The aftermath! 😀 I am seldom to never the type who wastes food or leaves some on the plate so… sogbu :3



I just realised, my friend Carlo and I should have gone here instead of at Inasal last Friday! Distrito is the Makati alternative to Mercate and Banchetto, both of which I have only briefly passed and never purchased from, haha! I definitely need to do more travelling around the city and other areas. Sadly, Distrito is now over and I will have to wait until next year… Goodbye midnight food market, I will miss you terribly…


The first night at Distrito I got myself some liempo for P65 and ate it back at the dorm. Not bad, but nothing out of the ordinary.

Had a side of cheesy potatoes. Delicious but I am not so sure if it was worth P40 if my memory serves me right. Boiled potatoes in cheese whiz is what this just is.


The second visit to Distrito was with the Boss, Kim and Cris. Had a Beef Kebab and some Buko Pandan Juice. The meal was for P75, well worth it since it was served with a fried egg and some delicious sauce that reminded me a lot of the shawarma sauce that they serve at Passport Foods. The Kebab itself was quite tended yet I didn’t fancy the vegetables. They tasted a little off, not rotten or spoiled but definitely getting there. Most probably because they had been out all night? I don’t know.


So there you go! Not much huh? Honestly I haven’t been taking many pictures of food. Mostly because my camera phone has nothing to boast about in terms of picture quality and resolution. Maybe when I finally buy myself a camera? That’s going to be a while though since I my expenses are set aside for the move in a couple of weeks….

Move? What move!? Well yes, I am finally moving to a place of my own 🙂 More about that in another post…. 🙂



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