The Moveout

Probably the most annoying and stressful thing I have heard in my entire stay here in Makati would be the fact that I would be unable to claim my deposit at my current dorm. The lady that works the place is difficult to talk with at times, most probably due to age and body ailments, always saying “Mapalayas pa ako sa ginagawa mo!”

When she said that I should use my deposit on my last month of stay and that it was against the house rules to claim the deposit, I was heartbroken. I needed the money to make the payments on the new condo. Oh well, will just have to live on a tight budget whilst going between the two places for the month of August >.< I even suggested that I give my deposit’s worth to another boarder and take their monthly payment instead, that was what triggered here statement above. I can read people quite clearly on that account, I doubt Brother Mike Velarde would kick her out of the dorm. Yep, he owns the place. I gave up…

Another interesting story would be when my room mate was moving out. She said that she may not be able to bring the industrial electric fan that was at the dorm and wanted to sell it. She exaggerated on the price saying it costs more than P2000 when in fact the particular model only costs P1,600 according to Google. She wanted to sell it to me for P1,500, I haggled it down to P1,000. It was an industrial electric fan and had only been used for a month and a half. Besides, I didn’t have time to go down to the mall to buy one, plus I would need to take a taxi back which would cost extra as well.

I just despise people who price hike. Come to think of it I am glad she left and that I will be leaving as well. She hoards loads of stuff and is quite selfish. One weekend while I was away, she moved all my stuff out of the closet into the shelves. Another time when she said she would move into the other closet her sister left behind, she didn’t when she found out the doors were falling off their hinges. Being the girl scout that I was, I brought over a screwdriver and some screws to fix the door myself. I am keen on these things and just refuse to talk about it to avoid aggravating the situation. Good thing I have my blog to vent, plus I don’t get to embarrass her since I have decided to not mention her name here. As for “Brother”, I feel ripped off so that is why his name is in here. If it was in the house rules then I should have seen the rules first or signed an agreement or contract. No such document was ever presented to me when I moved in. Anyway….

The new place, being a reputable establishment, has all the paperwork so that’s a relief. Plus it is furnished…it has a bed frame (yes, i still need to buy a mattress), a television set, air-conditioning, full length mirrors and a glass dining table–which might I add, looks quite fragile. I hope it doesn’t break or crack during my stay O_O Also, the fact that I will be staying in a condominium unit means I will also be able to make use of their facilities, yey! I just hope I find the time to use the pool and gym, considering that I will be taking on another job just to pay for the place, haha!

I am quite excited, this is all happening so suddenly! I never expected I would be moving to such an awesome place after just 3 months. Also, I plan on making more income and saving more, and can do so since I will be able to cook at the condo, which I was unable to do back at the dorm.

Almost August 😀 I have loads planned for August… 🙂


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