The Guilty Pleasures

Hi! So this post has been pending for the longest time. I did not quite spruce up my mojo to update this particular post hence the extensive delay. Actually I don’t think it is that finished yet? Anyway… To get this off the ground, I decided to fill it in. I have been MIA from both work and the internet world for the past few days due to the flooding and difficult weather conditions. Now however, since we had internet installed in the condo, I will be able to do more updates πŸ™‚ So here you go!~

I spent quite some time surfing the net and trying to look for a suitable antonym to the term “Pet Peeve”. Apparently, someone had posted the exact question on Yahoo, one of the best answers was “Guilty Pleasures” Yeah, sounds like some edible indulgence that will make you feel guilty after consumption, but no…not exactly for this particular article. Eh, well? Maybe in some ways XD

So here they are! My list of (LOL) Guilty Pleasures…basically things that I enjoy and make me happy πŸ™‚

1. Attending Mass weekly – because it is always essential to thank God for everything, ask him for guidance when in doubt and enlightenment when necessary. I consider myself a very devout Catholic, and I will live and die a Catholic. I may not always, however, agree with how the Church interferes with the government (i.e. the RH Bill).

2. Hugs – I do not know if this will qualify me as a touchy person but there is just something about hugs that draws a smile on my face. I always hug my mom, dad and baby EJ whenever I have the chance…and of course my good friends too.

3. Frogs – It’s weird, it’s unique and it’s true. My amphibian love traces back to that vacation in France, where my sister’s pool was filled with – you guessed it – FROGS! They were the most adorable little things and not the slimy gross looking types that are frequent in stories of witches and creepy forests. Whenever I would swim in the pool, there would always be a little frog swimming next to me. Cutest things ever! I have collected stuffed toy frogs ever since then πŸ™‚

4. Nature and beautiful scenery – Always wanted to travel to places just to take in nature. I would love to watch beautiful sunsets, bathe next to a waterfall and see the view from a mountain top πŸ˜€

5. Beautiful Surprises – I am the type of girl that loves being surprised with simple things, a kind or thoughtful gesture, a sweet act, always and forever the most unforgettable memories. I am a sentimental person by heart.

6. The Debonair Gentleman – To me, there is nothing more attractive than a Debonair Gentleman. Growing up, I loved Golden Age Hollywood, had a crush on Audrey Hepburn, Frank Sinatra and Gene Kelly. I loved watching the high society and polite men and how they treat ladies with utmost respect. Nowadays however, this particular trait is so rare, so unusual to witness that it is also insanely attractive. Not many men nowadays appreciate and respect a lady the way they once used to many years ago. Β Chivalry is mostly dead, which is sad since this kind of man is such a fantasy for me, I sometimes wonder if I will ever get to be with someone like this.

7. Dreamers and Achievers – When the whole world pulls you down and you stand up and work hard for what you believe in? That’s one inspirational story and definitely something that I completely admire. There will always be someone pulling you down, standing in your way and giving you a hard time to accomplish your goals yet when a person looks beyond all that is deemed “impossible” and making it “possible”, well that is amazing!

8. Clean and Organized – I am not the most organized person there is but when I encounter someone this way I find it so admirable. I like keeping things neat, clean and organized and I am glad when someone shares the same sentiments.

9. Pistachio Ice Cream – Yellow Cab’s finest πŸ˜€

10. Sans Rival and Ala Creme’s Ube Cake – Just because we were talking about dessert and I am craving O_O

11. Family – Because they moulded me into what I am today, I love them to bits!

12. Being a mother – I would have never learned and achieved so much had I not been inspired to do so by my son. It was such an eye opener for me, learning about the many things that I could accomplish and achieve. I may be a single parent sans support but I have never felt more compelled to accomplish my dreams before.

13. Writing and keeping notes – I have so many notes! I keep small notebooks for everything and cannot live without my planner! I find great solace in writing into my diary though find it more convenient to do so in

14. Art – I have a deep appreciated for various art forms and make some of my own, albeit amateur and sometimes boring? haha!

15. Cats and Dogs – Because I never had one but think they are adorable ❀




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