Learning to deal with difficult people

Growing up, you meet more and more people that test your patience, get on your nerves and are just downright annoying. The genre of these difficult people could go on and on, with varying levels on the personal anger meter. I for one have undergone my fair share of these kinds of difficult people which I am willing to elaborate here in this article.

1. The Irrational Elderly

Being an only child of two senior citizen parents, I can honestly say that growing up with such a huge age gap with my mom and dad was quite challenging. First, there was little I could do to explain my side and even less I could say to make them understand particular things. Growing up in this kind of environment however, prepared me for many things especially in analyzing people and handling their attitudes. The elderly are prone to mood swings and irrational behavior that can sometimes seem so unfair and so unaccounted for that it will drive you insane. I have had my anger spells over misunderstandings with my folks for a multitude of times (I mean, who doesn’t right? arguing with parents is normal). Thing is as I grew older, I realized how to handle their mood swings and work in a way wherein we could both go through happy conversation once again. So if you ever have to deal with the irrational elderly, just agree with them out of good measure. Respect is always something that should be given when it comes to the elderly. So even if you do not necessarily agree with what they are saying or doing, just nod politely. Besides, acknowledging the fact doesn’t necessarily mean you are going to do what they say. Then again it will depend on what they say I guess as some advice could deem useful and helpful…anyway.

2. The Perfect

When I was a Senator at the University Student Council, I dealt with a lot of people that assumed they knew more than myself. True enough I am not perfect and have flaws just like anyone else. But when I know where I stand and what I am doing (especially if it is regarding an event that I MYSELF organized), dealing with people that assume they are perfect are just downright annoying. Dealing with these people will prove quite a challenge and will take some tactical thinking to get them to understand your side. My verbatim with these kind of people usually starts with acknowledging their perfectness. You got it right, just flatter them that you are aware of how awesome they are then sneakily stress that your point or explanation is something that should be considered as well. i.e. “I am sure as a writer you have a clear understanding of how complicated these matters can be, considering the fact these are also issues you go through daily. I admire the fact that you are able to handle them so well, rest assured that I will take care of the matter based on your observations and feedback” Oh yes, always take the polite approach. I for one am not the argumentative type unless I need to do so (like in debate competitions), so I try this approach instead.

3. The Immature

Surprisingly, maturity is no longer measured by age. There are hundreds if not thousand of people who have levels of maturity way beyond their years. The immature are a particularly annoying kind to deal with as no explanation you make will compensate well to their level of understanding, nor will it make any difference on their outlook and overall opinion on matters concerned. This particular kind of folk possess similar traits as with the Irrational Elderly, being irrational on their own. The Immature are a particularly difficult kind and can be extremely annoying. One has to learn to work with this kind of person, reaching their level of understand or slowly convince them mildly in ways that go unnoticed. If i reach my boiling point however, I simply drop the thing entirely and decide that dealing with such incompetence is no longer worth my time.

4. The Sensitive

With no intention to ignite anger in a person, all of a sudden you feel as though you are in the front lines of a WW3 battle field. This is pretty much how I feel when faced with this particular type of “difficult people”. Since this type of person is in an irrational state of mind due to various factors that are alien to simple observers, it is challenging to try to talk some sense into this type of person. The best way (I find) to do so is to simply acknowledge all that they say without trying to prove them otherwise. Just take it all in even if you don’t agree, just to avoid escalating the matter to explosive proportions, which is pretty much the end of the road for anyone who is trying to converse with this type. Turn the other cheek, acknowledge and nod approvingly even if you feel otherwise.


So….that’s it i guess 🙂


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