Little Frustrations

Looking back at my (previous?) life… I discovered there were several things that I had failed to keep up. This frustrating realization led me down to the conclusion that things really do change. There are certain aspects of my past that have failed to make their way to my present. These could be habits, goals, and various other things. So here are some trivial facts about my past. Some I may brush up on, while the others? Well, let’s keep them in the past…

1. The flexible me

I used to take up ballet when I was 4. Actually I was more than just a ballerina in my youth. Au contrare, keeping physically fit was never a tedious task for me as a child. I enjoyed breaking a sweat and engaging in various activities. I took up swimming around the same time and even did some tennis. Every afternoon from school I would go biking around the subdivision. It was a daily habit for me that I enjoyed, even if I was alone. Then again, the youth of my generation was quite active on the streets. In the late afternoon, children would flock the streets running, playing and doing activities that the youth of today are to lazy to do. In high school I was a cheerleader and always joined cheering competitions. Oh how I remember the days, those aching legs, the sore arms, the first place trophies (ang yabang ko talaga :)) In college (AUF) I also did cheerleading, where we were Champion in 2005, and also enrolled in Taekwondo. I loved keeping the endorphins pumping! Now I think its time to gradually pace back into this energetic lifestyle… Did I mention that I dance too? Good thing though I was able to dance during my college part 2 at HAU, back in 2009 and just last year at the University Theatre 😉

2. The musician

The truth is, I started playing the piano since I was 9. It was a painful piano playing childhood for me since I was almost always asked to play the most difficult classical pieces. Bach, Beethoven, Mozart and the infamous Greig, whose Concierto made my fingers twist. My dad’s friends and colleagues considered me as a savant. Every time the family was invited out to dinner, a common request would be to hear me play. Thing is, I got so frustrated that I stopped playing entirely. It was not that I didn’t enjoy it, rather it was the fact that I was not allowed to play what I wanted to at the time. A few years later, I enrolled in the summer music workshop at school and played the Laud for the Rondalla band. At times I would play the Banduria or Octavina, as per request by our music instructor. She loved the way I played. Actually, I was quite a mad person on the strings. In just a few weeks I was doing my first Rondalla concert in Alabang Town Center Mall. I must have been 10 years old at the time. Sadly though, my dad did not want me to neglect my piano playing skills and had me taken out of the Rondalla program. It was a shame though since I was actually offered a scholarship. Now though, I have my interests set on playing the guitar. This however will have to be put on hold since “Chase”, my Antonio Santana guitar, is with Carlo. I decided to let him use it for a while since I was too preoccupied with work and other matters that it was gathering dust in my closet. He would put it to better use considering his talent. Besides, its lovely to see him put some music back into his life 🙂

3. The singer

Being the literary junkie that I am, I cannot deny the fact that I have written songs. Yes I write songs and have them scattered somewhere in my files? And oh, I sing too! Hahaha XD Sadly though I was unable to keep this up because of an unfortunate incident that occurred in a college Acquaintance Party. Dyahe talaga! Nasira ang soundsystem habang kumakanta ako sa stage hahaha! XD So since then, no more stage singing…. I sing randomly and in the shower for now 🙂

4. The Public Speaker

Back in AUF, I joined a University VJ hunt out randomly. I just felt like it. No one in the college knew who I was and since no one else would represent CAMP, they just had to let me join. Luckily, with British accent and all, I won Champion ^_^I was given a show, “City Roaming” on the University Radio Station DWAU. I only held the DJ position for a couple of months since I had to concentrate more on my academics. Since that fateful day, I decided to engage more in public speaking. I made it through representing the college in debate competitions, quiz bees and various other academic contests. Sadly though, I did not bring home the bacon for any of those…until HAU. From debate champion to debate event organizer in the USC, I think I was able to make up for what I lost in my previous alma mater.

5. The Artist

I love drawing, sketching and painting. I do not consider myself as an excellent artist, rather one that does art in a leisurely pace, for the simple satisfaction that comes out of the relief in accomplishing a beautiful work of art. Most of my art has been given away as gifts or been asked from me by my school teachers. As a little girl, I would make drawings and paintings for family and friends on Christmas and Birthdays. Come to think of it, I would not mind a new set of brushes and paints! #parinigmodesablog :))

6. The Baker

I used to go on crazy baking sprees in the past. It was bliss for me as I yearned for the sweet warm smell of cookies and pies baking in the oven. I learned most of my baking know how from my dad as he does it every Christmas and New Year. The holidays would be incomplete without a Quiche Lorraine, Apple Pie and Fruit Cake. I on the other hand would bake some lasagna or macaroni in the oven. This started when I was around 11 years old. I started out making these pasta dishes with my mom, now I make them for her 🙂

7.The Gamer

I must be the geekiest girl of my time when I started playing “Funnels and Buckets” in DOS on our PC when i was 2 years old. Come 4 years old I had started playing the King’s Quest and Space Quest Series by Sierra, I even had Family Feud at the time. The first OS I had ever used was Windows 3.14 and this was around the same time my dad way self-studying HTML. When he put up his website I had a sub-domain for my own girly site (which is somewhere on TheWayBackMachine) “Tatiana’s Animation Fun Pages”. I was 9 years old at the time. It was my own personal blog where I had pictures of all my favourite anime’s. I joind several webrings and groups it was so crazy for someone my age! I could not talk to anyone about it with anyone at school as most of the youngsters those days were interested in other things. I on the other hand spent more and more time online by the age of 11. I knew a lot of games at the time and played them from start to finish especially RPG, Strategy and Arcade Games. Sierra’s point and click RPG games held some of my best childhood memories…then of course there is Bethesda, Maxis, Blizzard and what not 🙂


I have had this post gathering dust on my shelf of pending blog uploads, for quite some time now. I thought that now might be a good time to get it up and running again 🙂



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