Random Thoughts for Wednesday :)

Going through my Facebook news feed, I could not help but feel oddly amused at random quotations from those crazy fan pages about being single, relationships, daily inspirations and what not’s… so, I decided to post some of my favourites :))

Haha! This was just too cute :))

Sweet! 🙂 It’s sad that guys these days no longer make these kinds of proposals when courting… I will have to wait until March next year before I can expect to say yes to that question though XD

A friend of mine actually told me this. If someone really loves you, they will offer themselves to you wholly with no strings attached.

True, yet I am more annoyed at those that text annoying jejemon language XD Just makes some people seem so illiterate

I have never been good at interpreting romantic interest >.<

Hahahaha! relate much XD


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