Time and again people have mistaken me for being cold, independent and the typical “manhid”. I take romantic gestures at arms length and no further.

Then again if you are consistent, determined and persevering…that’s when my heart starts to soften.

Truth of the matter is, I am a hopeless romantic at heart. I think I have met quite the gentleman πŸ˜€

Like i said in a previous post, there is no one quite like him. He is like some rare species that is prone to extinction. What he does for me takes my breath away every time and the consistency is an ultimate plus. I cannot remember a single Friday where he did not pick me up and take me home to my doorstep. If he is in Makati, he will take me to work and pick me up from work as often as he can. If able, he will make breakfast or packed lunch for me…well even dinner! I mention once my favourite things or a particular food I want to try and he will find a way to get it for me. He surprises me with deliveries at work, or notes he leaves among my things. He randomly gives me flowers and chocolates, even if there is no real occasion.

Other amusing things are how much he has changed. When we were still getting to know each other, I told him about my likes and dislikes… He has remembered every single one.

He doesn’t swear anymore, nor does he obsess over gaming like he used to. When we walk together, he keeps me on the safe side of the road always. He carries almost all of my things when we travel together and does not even complain even if he starts breaking a sweat. I tell him once how cold it is at work and the next day he gives me all his jackets. He is an awesome cook! He would go so far as to ask his aunt to help him make my favourite recipes. When he is at our condo, he will wash all the dishes, throw the trash, sweep the floor and the minute i so much as pick up a rag, he will take it from me and do the cleaning instead. When he is over and sees me washing my clothes, he will either join me or do all the washing himself! He hates seeing me exhausted and tired, which is why he would rather do all the chores for me. I seldom have him do things for me since he always does it instinctively without me asking. He is my guest so of course I don’t ask him to do chores! He seems happy just doing them all.

When I was sick, he was at my door. He brought me medicine and made all my meals everyday until I got better.

Like I said, me being in Makati with work and my weekends dedicated to my family, I have little to no time to spare. Him coming all the way to Makati just to help me wash my clothes or cook my dinner for me makes him for keeps πŸ™‚ He is simply happy doing these things with me…for me. How awesome is that?

I am just blown away. He is actually happy taking out the trash for me?! This is still so new to me.. I have known him since January 11, 2012 yet he has been consistent with his actions ever since he found out I had moved to Makati to work in May last year.

So for almost 9 months of consistency, I salute you! Haha, I hope you realize how much I appreciate your undying effort to make me smile, at every chance that you get. Even when busy at work or running errands and freelancing stuff, you always find time.

This hereby brings justice to the saying:

“Where there’s a will, there’s a way!”


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