…to get what you want, you have to know what you want!

This phrase could never be more true! I have spent many a sleepless moments trying to decipher what it is exactly that I desire. Aside from the material longings, I have always had this deep connection to possessing some very important traits and qualities.

I think this is getting a tad bit too confusing, it’s probably time to categorize, yes?

1. The Ideal Living Space
Time and again I have longed for a space to call my own. I am quite lucky to have my own room at home which I have taken the liberty to decorate according to my unique taste and obsession of the amphibian species. My room echoes apple greens, reds and pinks. The polished wood furniture make the space warm and inviting. Yet I have had this constant longing for an apartment or condominium unit of my own. One where I live solely without sharing with a roommate. Though I currently live in one now, I would like my own separate space some time in the future. I wonder when this dream will materialize? Soon, hopefully 🙂

2. The Full Closet
I love clothes! Especially those that make me look sophisticated, powerful, professional and important. Corporate attire, dresses and gowns, 4-inch stilettos, scarves and what not! On normal days though nothing beats tight jeans, a tank top, hoodie and sneakers. Oh I have a thing for checkered shirts, low necklines, crochet and lacey blouses.

3. The foreign language

Truth be told, I can speak a scarce amount of French (yes I have been to France), German (my bestie is Swiss), Chinese (I have many Chinese friends) and Japanese (Rarejob and too much anime). But I have never really mastered any! Given the chance and the time, I would like to speak French fluently first before any other language.

4. Financial Independence

Yes, I am slowly getting there! Currently, I am looking into long-term investments and mutual funds while still saving up for my 8 month emergency fund. Something I am proud of is that I have never (and hopefully will never) own/owned a credit card and have therefore never been in debt, therefore always saving up for big items and paying up-front in cash. This actually makes the purchase more meaningful. Plus, the duration it takes to save up will also determine whether my interest in the item has persevered or diminished. I also make it a point to be neither a borrower nor a lender. I pay myself first at each payout, making due with the remains of my salary for other essentials. Keeping up this positive outlook on finances is something I hope to accomplish. Delayed gratification ika nga 🙂

5. A girl in a man’s world

Ever since I can remember, I love being up in the game especially when it comes to what women can and can’t do. Assemble my own pc? Yup! Repaired a electric stove, electric fan, television set and furniture? Of course! I can do just as much as any man can do and hate being dependent. I make it a point to be able to handle things myself and not rely on someone else to do it for me. Honestly speaking, I despise those girls that have their boyfriends/brothers/male friends do just about anything for them. I mean, hello? Are you really that lazy or just refuse to teach yourself how to do it? So yeah, I have never been that girl. If i need to get things done and those things are generally stuff a man is expected to be adept at, I will try to learn how to get it done myself or get a guy to teach me. But never…EVER be continually dependent that he does it for me all the time. Unless of course he insists 😉 So what I have yet to learn? How to change a tire, resolve an overheated car engine and assemble electrical wiring.

PS. If you are wondering why I know so much tech stuff…my dad was a Mechanical Engineer. He practically rewired the entire household….


Hmm let’s seeeeeee


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