The Rewind

Hello universe! Hello WORLD?! haha yeah that phrase again…I think I must have gone through it a kazillion times through College-the-sequel (HAU). Anyway, I was soooo busy during the holiday season that I was not able to update my blog.

Thing is, I had to attend to some familial matters..The holidays passed by like a breeze that I hardly noticed how fast time flies and how much I have forgotten to blog about those moments.

So it is another typical day at work, with some major changes that have transcribed throughout the dormancy of this blog.

First, the SEO team has been cut down to just me and Jake.

Of course, considering my status as a single parent with nada paternal support…I am glad I still have my job! mixed emotions flow through my veins though as at that time I was distraught that my manager and co-workers would no longer be part of the company. We were originally ten in the SEO team when my then manager resigned. Two of my co-workers followed suit and two more were moved to another team….and then there were five. Because I was busy working on a special project for our client, I was so busy with work when the management was eyeing the rest of the team. We were then stripped of four more people including my manager. Luckily, one of them managed to make it to the development team but the rest were not so lucky.

So now it is just me and Jake, the original SEO writers for the team.

Another big change was that our department no longer does writing for clients. Now it is more of reporting, analysis, SEO and SMM which I actually quite enjoy. The change, although abrupt and uncalled for is a breath of fresh air as I was beginning to get so mind wrecked from my previous position that it just got boring.

It is more exciting now taking a head on look in SEO and learning new things at the same time. I can honestly say that this is definitely something to look forward to everyday.

Another outcome of this predicament was my thorough appreciation of my HMO. Since I got my HMO card, I had not used it for anything, but the moment my then co-workers were informed of the layoff, they started scheduling checkups. I decided to follow suit soon after and made schedules of my own, including checkups for my son as well who now has a lovely pair of new spectacles! Absolutely adorable ā¤

Moving on to the holidays, they were not as extravagant as the previous years because of certain adjustments due to medical reasons. The important part is that we were complete during this season, and happy for good health and well-being.


Now it is summer! OMG summer!!! Beaches and bikinis plague the marketplaces with their presence!

Not only that, but it is graduation season! My son will soon be in first grade! How awesome is it that I am able to support his needs and tuition all by myself. Once I have saved enough to get him through to college, I can die happily. Seriously! Besides, it is every parents dream to secure the future of their children, right? Well every parent who is in their right mind.

Through all this I am blessed to have my family, friends and loved one’s supporting me all the way… I am truly grateful and completely blessed ā¤


Happy Monday šŸ˜€


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