Making Ends Meet

Since I moved to Makati, one of my top priorities was to be able to save enough money for my son’s education. Being a single parent is not really as tough as people claim it to be and neither is saving. Time and again I have heard people complain about money and its scarcity in many different scenarios. I must admit however that I too am guilty of that act. The difference however is that I do not let that get to me and do something about it.

That has always been my best traits (self-proclaimed, yes… disagree if you like), finding my own way of overcoming things instead of wallow in self-pity or complain endlessly of how the universe has been so unfair to me.

Moving on, I will now be sharing how I manage to save while not depriving myself from the joys of spending my hard earned cash for myself…

1. Save first and live off what is left over

Some people fail to see how crucial this is to saving. This must be the best practices I follow religiously since it has never failed me. Even if I binge and take a chunk out of my savings, I always make a way to pay it back on my next payout…and add my own penalty if need be. Much like borrowing from someone else with added interest, only its myself I am paying 🙂

2. Do research

Working in SEO and SMM, Google is my best friend. Surfing the internet for reviews of products that I plan on buying and most importantly their prices on online sites, is something that can get you closer to the best deals in your area. Those popular online sites like Ensogo, CashCash, Metrodeal and Groupon may seem to have affordable deals but not always. I have found cheaper alternatives in my area because of research. This goes for a variety of sales such as vacation deals, items, services etc.

3. Payday Spending

With payday just around the corner, I already have my eyes set on where I am going to eat. The Makati move has made me quite a foodie, and now that I can share this passion with a *ahem* friend of mine, we have decided to select one hole-in-the-wall restaurant to dine in per payday. We just started last February so I will be posting pics of our food adventures soon 🙂 Other payday indulgences are listed and planned waaaaay before the date, giving me enough time to contemplate whether or not I still want to spend on that when the time comes. Which leads me to the next tip:

4. Make lists

I make lists ALL THE TIME it’s just crazy! I write things down the minute I hear or think about them. If there’s a new restaurant that has good reviews, I will write it down. If there is a new product that is worth trying I will do the same. I have notebooks for various things and have spent years diligently writing in my planner. I make lists for a variety of things such as places I want to visit, the things I need (like groceries), the things I want (big difference between the two of course!) and the ever-famous to-do list. My memory is not always at its peak performance so making lists makes life (for me) all the more easier, as if I never forget anything!

5. Appreciate what you have

Saving the best for last, this must be the most important tip I have for all my blog readers. Let me share with you a fact… in the place that I am staying, which is a high-rise condominium in the heart of Makati, I earn the lowest salary among my roommates. Nonetheless it has never gotten in the way of my enjoyment with work and my life. I am pleased to be able to pay for the needs of my son, especially his tuition at a private school. I am also happy with my work experiences and social life with friends. The amount of money you make is not necessarily a factor, what matters is how you are willing to spend it. Knowing that I spend a large portion of my salary for the education of my son is a very fulfilling experience that I am grateful for day-by-day.

So no matter how much you earn, do not despair on it being too little for your needs. The truth is, it never really is. You can decide to move from company to company, in order to get a better salary but unless you know how to appreciate what you already have, there is no way you will be able to reap the benefits of whats waiting for you out there.

Appreciation for how much I make, no matter how small it may seem to some, has changed my view on finances tremendously. Because I appreciate my earnings, I value where they go and how they are spend. Every penny counts because of this appreciation.


So if you have these first five tips covered, you will be ready to handle the more serious stuff which I will continue in my next post…


Happy Thursday everyone!!! 😀


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