Making it in Makati (Prologue)

Having spend almost 3 years living in Makati, it came as no surprise when a sudden change came my way.

Being a single mother, having aging parents and building a successful career are things that are tricky to juggle. Being the only child currently living with (or somewhat in the proximity) of my parents, I know that I need to spend as much time with them as I can. They are both senior citizens and though healthy, not at the peak of it.

Another factor would be my son. He is currently getting harder to handle for my parents. At first he was the perfect little angel, to the point that if I scolded him, I would be the one getting reprimanded! Surprisingly now though, I seem to be the only one he actually obeys and listens to.

Last 2013 was a beautiful breather for me. Having gotten out of a terrifying relationship and landing into something beautiful has made me realize that it is time for a big change. Through retrenchment, moving, financial issues and family health problems I glided rockily, yet safely into 2014. Family is healthy, everyone is happy 🙂

This year has been just beautiful for me and my boyfriend Jeff, we were able to accomplish so many things and travel to so many places that it has just been amazing. We cannot wait to have EJ join in on the fun (when his grandparents let him). There are only a few times we have been able to take him on our little adventures and it will not be long before we will be able to take him on our biggest adventure yet!

To couples who are big dreamers and wanting to make it in Makati, watch out for my next post 🙂


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