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Ilocos Sur and Norte Anniversary Itinerary 2014

Just last night I got a message from my friend on Facebook, asking for my Ilocos Itinerary. I knew I had a doc file lurking somewhere in my email so I told her that I would send it to her in the morning. She wittingly urged me to start blogging my travel experiences instead! What a doll ❤ Thanks Sette!

Last year I surprised my boyfriend by taking him out to dinner at 12 Monkeys. He thought that I was there for a company event, not knowing that I had planned to surprise him months before. Razorback had a gig there with KJwan for its 24th Anniversary and knowing that my boyfriend had never been to one before, I thought that surprising him with front table seats would really make his day! It did, and he took on his revenge on my surprise by impulsively scheduling our 3 day trip to Ilocos! We scheduled our trip mid November 2014 for 3 days.

It had always been my dream to walk through Calle Crisologo in Vigan and lay by the beach in Pagudpud. I have a soft heart for traditional villages and beautiful architecture. It was the perfect anniversary gift that basically overthrew mine haha!

If you are planning to go on a DIY trip to Ilocos with friends then renting a van is your best bet. We, the adventurous couple, took local transport so we could go at our own pace. We wanted to try out the sleeper bus so we took a taxi to the Florida Bus Lines Terminal for the 10pm Trip. Tickets are at 700p each and it is best to get these before your scheduled trip. You can check out the bus schedules here.

We hardly got any sleep on the sleeper bus, mostly because we were too excited about everything. It was not long before we arrived in Vigan around 4 in the morning, the next day.



Henady Inn (Front desk is on the 3rd floor)

located along the National Highway in Bantay, next to the Caltex Station and just right across the Vigan City Arch.

Tel. +63 77 7228001 or +63 9175158001 Private double rooms PHP 600 with A/C, CATV and toilet.

*Ask receptionist for map of vigan

It is best to make reservations ahead of time since the 600p rooms are almost always taken.

The best way to experience Vigan would be to go on a Kalesa Tour:

Kalesa tour 150/hr, you can visit around 8 popular spots and you also get an instant tour guide! The tour usually lasts for 3 hours so prepare around P450 for the tour. Ours was slightly longer because we had lunch at Hidden Garden. You have to remember that the kalesa is metered, we spent around 900 on our kalesa tour

Vigan Tour

  • Juan Luna Shrine (was under renovation when we were there)
  • Burgos Museum
  • Baluarte (try the sugarcane calamansi juice for only 40p)
  • Heritage Village
  • Crisologo Museum
  • Burnayan Pottery Making (Try it out! Great experience for picture taking as well)
  • Syquia Mansion
  • Hidden Garden (Have lunch here, Sinigang na Bagnet (P190), Pinakbet with Bagnet (P150), Poqui Poqui (P100), and Longganisa (P130).)
  • Abel Weaving (Scarves here are at 100)
  • Bantay Bell Tower
  • Bantay Church (buy Tinubong 3 pcs for 100)

You can decide whether or not you would like to spend your whole day in Vigan, we decided to check out first thing in the morning instead. We took a short bus ride to Batac just to try Glomy’s empanada, Tupig and Bibingka. We figured later that we should have done this on our last day instead, haha! This is optional on the first day, not much to try here. A tip here is to be friendly with the tricycle drivers. They have connections in both Laoag and Pagudpud that you can haggle with. They can pick you up and drop you off at your hotel doorstep as well.


From Vigan to Pagudpud, we took the local Bus to the Laoag Terminal and from there traveled to our Homestay at Pagudpud. The ordinary bus trip cost us 150p each from Vigan to Laoag and 80p each from Laoag to Pagudpud. It is a looooong bus drive to bring some snacks and water. From our Batac Tour back from Vigan we were able to get in contact with a tricycle driver in Pagudpud. We haggled the North and South Tours for 1000p for both. It was overcast so we could not visit some places. Since we arrived in the afternoon, we took the North Tour first and the South Tour the next day after checkout.


Pagudpud/Saud Beach: VILORIA HOMESTAY

Natalia Viloria 09215985150

800 per night, double bed, tv, table, private bathroom, free breakfast.

The beach was just walking distance so we lounged on the sand for a while. The November waves and current was just too much for us so we hardly swam. We bought souvenirs at the nearby shops and had lunch at a nearby carenderia. After lunch we decided to take the North Tour.

Pagudpud North Tour

  • Kabigan Falls (100p per guide and it is a 30 minute trek)
  • Saud Beach
  • Patapat Viaduct
  • Timmangtang Rock
  • Bantay Abot Cave
  • Hannah’s Beach Resort
  • Maira-Ira Blue Lagoon
  • Dos Hermanos Islands

Dinner at Hannah’s before heading back to our homestay to watch some Tagalog movies… We had some drinks and snacks while channel surfing in our room. Still one more day to tour!


Pagudpud South Tour

  • Pagudpud Signage
  • Pagudpud Welcome Arch
  • Paraiso ni Anton (we were not able to go here)
  • Agua Grande (did not go here either)
  • Bangui View Deck
  • Bangui Windmills (don’t forget the souvenirs!)
  • Bagong Lipunan (not sure if we went here?)

Burgos Tour (300p)

  • Bacarra Ruins Tower (couldn’t make it here)
  • Cape Bojeador Lighthouse
  • Burgos – Kapurpurawan Rock Formation (try the Dragon Fruit Ice Candy for 10p)

We had lunch at a cafe along the Highway at Burgos. We took a bus from there to Laoag. Having the South tour on our last day was perfect since we are on our way back to Laoag for our flight back to Manila. I made a slight miscalculation on our DIY tour since we spent half of the Laoag Tour on Day 1 and half on our last day. We went on our 4×4 and Sandboarding activity at sunset so it made it difficult for picture taking. Also, Malacanang of the North and the Marcos Museum is closed after 5pm.

Laoag Tour

  • Malacañang of the North
  • Paoay Lake
  • Sand Dunes
  • Paoay Church
  • Marcos Museum
  • Museo Ilocos
  • Tobacco Monopoly
  • Laoag Cathedral
  • Sta. Monica Church

Our last stop was at the San Nicholas market to buy pasalubong. Bagnet and Longganisa of course!

Will find time to update this post more laterssss 😉

Happy travelling!

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My 2014 Financial Review – Millenials Road Map to Financial Literacy

Back in 2013 I was let off for Redundancy. I was in Pampanga most of the time because it was when my family needed me the most. During this time I studied to become a Financial Consultant. In January 2014, I was ready to take the next steps.

Having known someone who was willing to refer me to training, I attended a business opportunity seminar at Pru Life UK. Once I got a walk through on how to get my licenses, I pushed forward to the Training Series. I was able to get two licenses, one for Traditional Life Insurance and the other for Variable Life Insurance. I attended a FOREX training at the Philippine Stock Exchange as well to get an edge on market trading and stocks. I also included in my schedule a financial literacy program with Bo Sanchez for the Truly Rich Club. This was how I spent my time in the middle of job hunting.

Though I had gotten a 2 year separation pay from my previous company, I still did not want to lose my stream of income. I went back to Online English teaching with Rarejob and selling baked goodies.

It was not long before I got a job as Quality Control Manager. For a while I thought I could handle my day job and still teach at night. Later on I realized that my day job needed more attention. I spent long hours at work trying to find ways on making processes more efficient so I could continue teaching in the evening. Sadly, I had to let my online teaching go…

Teaching with Rarejob was wonderful for me. I made many friends old and new. The Japanese are wonderful and live with such strong values and integrity. Teaching was never a chore for me then because of the people I met. True there were many that were difficult to teach because of the language barrier…so what little knowledge I had of Nihonggo helped me tremendously.

Then I looked at my certification with Life Insurance as a good way to make extra cash. Training as a Financial Consultant and taking the necessary licensure exams allowed me to not only help people manage their finances, but also reap the benefits from commissions. From the teachings at Pru Life UK, I was able to set up a financial goal for myself.

My boyfriend, Jeff and myself both got Variable Life Insurance, which was Life Insurance paired with an investment component. He took it more on the risky side with Equity, while I was more on the safe side with the Managed Fund. He took a similar Equity linked Variable Life Insurance with Sunlife of Canada as well as Pru Life UK. Hopefully in the future I can get one with Sunlife as well as an educational buffer for my son when finances permit.

As a couple, our journey to financial stability did not end there. By the end of the year we had opened our Joint Account and he invested in a UITF Equity Fund with his payroll bank BDO. We both had pending applications with BPI Trade and have set up our own individual trading accounts. With little to no knowledge with proper trading, we have yet to educate ourselves further before moving forward into bigger investments.

All in all the Financial Review both as a couple and as an individual has been very rewarding. We are actually both quite excited about the years ahead and continuous Wealth Management Plans.

In a nutshell, here are a few things couples may want to consider for their journey to financial literacy:

1. Set a Goal

You need to know what you want to achieve. Are you looking to build a future together? Do you want to open a business? Are you saving for marriage? Whatever you have planned as a couple or even as an individual you have to know what you want. You may have a vague picture now but sooner or later it will all fall into place.

2. Get Out of Debt

Pay off your credit card balance ASAP. Nuff said. Cannot dwell much here since I do not HAVE a credit card. Well, not YET.

3. Track your Expenses

Before you even think about setting aside savings you HAVE TO KNOW where your money goes. This has taken me years and years of practice and I still haven’t got it. Well, not in a way that I am satisfied with. In one way or another I have managed to meticulously track how much I spend on a daily basis. Yes, every single centavo I spend per day, summed up to how much I spend a week, a month, etc etc. I have found it easier to just write them in my Belle de Jour Power Planner as opposed to tracking it in an app. Whatever rocks your boat. I figured the most effective way to do this is to track this for a MONTH. Yes, not a day or couple of days but for an entire month. Segregate into categories like: Food, Rent, Transportation, Tuition etc.

4. Sum it up and cut it down

After you get all your monthly expenses, think about your annual expenses. I for one think about my son’s tuition. It is a big cut if you look at it as a whole but you will smoothen it out and cut it down later on. Add your annual expenses to your  monthly expenses to get a total.

Overwhelmed yet? Well for now that is what you are spending on. If you go through your items one by one, you may find some that you are willing to let go of. Highlight everything that IS important and sum it all up. This is how much you HAVE to HAVE per year. Divide it by 12 to see how much you will need per month.

5.  Income  Expenses = Savings. vs. Income – Savings = Expenses

This is a debatable topic which is justified on a case to case basis. For me, I HAVE TO PAY my son’s tuition. It MUST be deducted automatically from my income. It is not savings, it is an expense. The funds for which are my top most priority. But then again for others that do not have many financial responsibilities you may very well practice the Income – Savings = Expenses. Like I said, it will depend on you.


Even if you are in a couple, you have your own expenses. You have to define the tracking and limit it to yourself. You can look at both your expenses combined, later.

You can treat Savings as an Expense (if that makes sense?) by willingly deducting it from what is left from your income. Always start with an amount that will not be difficult to achieve. You may always add to your savings later on. The key here is to make sure it is UNTOUCHED.

6. Cutting costs

Take a look at your list and everything you crossed out as a least priority. You can actually do research on cheaper alternatives. In example, you may not need to have your nails done every week and limit it to just once a month. Better yet, do it yourself. You are doing yourself a favor by paying yourself instead. Another is gym memberships. A friend of mine spent thousands of pesos on gym memberships but was so busy with work that it was difficult to squeeze in time for the gym. Admit it, it happens! She ended up buying her own treadmill and dumbbells instead. Our favorite cut back would be cooking our baon as opposed to eating in restaurants. My boyfriend and I cook our own meals to bring to work instead of eating out everyday. We limit our “eating out” to Fridays and now to every Payday.

7. Setting up the Emergency Fund

I have seen my emergency fund come and go and it kills me every time. I build my Emergency Fund by having it on Auto Debit with BPI. Here in the Philippines, an Emergency Fund can be as little as 3 months worth of expenses. You can continue building it as you please, or just leave it in a high interest account. Remember, an Emergency Fund is exactly for that…EMERGENCIES. It MUST be readily available so I suggest to have an ATM card account and keep the ATM card stashed away.

8. Get Insurance

I greatly regret not getting insurance right after I started working. Like the stock market, you generate more returns for yourself if you start early. Whether it is Termed or Full Life you must have it. I cannot even begin to stress how important it is to get Insurance. One day you will get sick, one day you will die. Whether it is one or the other, you or someone dear to you will need money. On a happier note however, Life Insurance now comes with an Investment Component so you do not have to wait till something bad happens before you get a slice of the cake. In our case, the Investments go to building our Retirement Fund. Yes, we are working our assess off while we are still young in order to reap the benefits later on. Think of it as delayed gratification.

9. Find Extra Sources of Income

I have made it a personal mantra to try and find a way to bring my salary in FULL. The money I made with my sideline work was what I used to pay for my monthly expenses. I have tried almost everything from MLM VMobile Reloading, Online English Teaching with Rarejob, Online Transcription with BabbleType, Online Article Writing, Direct Selling with Avon, Dakki, Reselling with baked goods, clothes, perfumes, earphones and headsets, and now selling Life Insurance. As a couple however, we are looking to put our expertise together to form a potential business. Since my bf-slash-fiance is a wiz with Software Engineering, I compliment his skill by using my Marketing and Project Management Skill to build IT Solutions. It not only helps us build extra income for ourselves but also increases our value as IT Professionals. We continuously find ways to educate ourselves in our respective fields which luckily enough, intertwine.

10. Be Consistent

Consistency in your saving goals is just as important as getting started. In fact, it is the core of actually achieving anything. For now we are both looking at the Auto Debit Features. Both our insurances and savings are on Auto Debit.

I think for a relatively new couple (We have just celebrated our first anniversary last November, yay!^^), the journey has been quite productive! Everything above however is what works for us, you still have to do your own research on the manner that best suits you.

Thanks for reading! ❤

Money Matters

Financial Management Series Prologue

Becoming a mother is a beautiful experience. Becoming a single mother is a whole other world on its own. I am sure many single mothers and fathers out there will understand the challenges that come with handling both roles. For me, it taught me a lot about responsibility. Let’s face it, having your finances in order is crucial to ensuring your child’s future. I was 19 when I became a mother, a few years later my son was confined at the hospital. I had no insurance, did not even have enough contributions in my Philhealth because of my home based job, i had only a few thousands stored away and on top of that was barely months away from graduating my second degree.

I was lucky enough to have my parents, who had enough to manage all the hospital expenses.

Yes, they paid for everything! I hated myself. I felt like a useless mother. I felt irresponsible. I cried about it at night while doing my home based article writing. I decided…this had to stop.

I became adventurous and a goal-setter. Months before graduation I scrapped my Resume and made a Curriculum Vitae, publicizing it on Jobstreet. I had never applied to anything out of the vicinity so I was not expecting a call from Makati. When I got the call, my mother encouraged me to go. It was in Makati, in Ayala Avenue and the Central Business District. The day of my interview could very well be one of the luckiest days of my life.


I was casually chatting with my friend Ruby when she mentioned that she also had plans of applying at a company in Manila. She suggested we travel together which we did. My interview and tests took longer than usual that she had to go ahead… I got my job offer right then and there. Everything happened so fast but I politely asked if I could settle things at home first. I left the building giddy and met with another friend, Canon who lived near Cubao which was near my next stop to get back home to Pampanga. So surprise surprise! We took a bus together as well. Once at the station, I boarded a Five Star bus and wow, Noriel was there! My friend back from the USC. From the bus ride down to the jeep home we traveled together. Everything was purely coincidental and last-minute. The universe was definitely telling me something!

That led to my 3 year stay in Makati. I signed my contract two days before my graduation and started a week after. I must admit that there were times that the finances were tight. I rented a bedspace just walking distance from work and knew no one in Makati. I had a buffer for the first couple of months and lost it just as fast because I was new to all my expenses and how to manage them. It’s normal to fail at one point or the other, the idea here is to learn from these financial mistakes. All in all I was able to maximize my stay there, work my ass off, educate myself by attending seminars and certifications, pay for my son’s tuition, school bus, tutor, medical needs and summer class. I worked in such a way that my additional income was enough to shoulder the extra expenses I had living in Makati. Rent, Electric, Food, Water, Transportation to and from Pampanga. I brought my salary in FULL, with little to none spent on leisure.

Delayed gratification is always the key. My first few years were tight. So tight and exhausting that I knew no popular restaurants, had no night life and barely set foot in any mall there. My work was from 11am to 8pm. Malls open at 10am and close at 9pm so there was barely a window to do any shopping (or window shopping! haha). The schedule was a big help in managing my finances since I was not given the opportunity to want to purchase anything. Plus, I had a night job doing Medical Transcription and Online English Teaching from 10pm until midnight…sometimes longer.

I was away from my son from Monday to Friday so I wanted to utilize as much time as I could while keeping my weekends completely work free for him.

This was how my Financial Management Journey began…

My Life

Making it in Makati (Prologue)

Having spend almost 3 years living in Makati, it came as no surprise when a sudden change came my way.

Being a single mother, having aging parents and building a successful career are things that are tricky to juggle. Being the only child currently living with (or somewhat in the proximity) of my parents, I know that I need to spend as much time with them as I can. They are both senior citizens and though healthy, not at the peak of it.

Another factor would be my son. He is currently getting harder to handle for my parents. At first he was the perfect little angel, to the point that if I scolded him, I would be the one getting reprimanded! Surprisingly now though, I seem to be the only one he actually obeys and listens to.

Last 2013 was a beautiful breather for me. Having gotten out of a terrifying relationship and landing into something beautiful has made me realize that it is time for a big change. Through retrenchment, moving, financial issues and family health problems I glided rockily, yet safely into 2014. Family is healthy, everyone is happy 🙂

This year has been just beautiful for me and my boyfriend Jeff, we were able to accomplish so many things and travel to so many places that it has just been amazing. We cannot wait to have EJ join in on the fun (when his grandparents let him). There are only a few times we have been able to take him on our little adventures and it will not be long before we will be able to take him on our biggest adventure yet!

To couples who are big dreamers and wanting to make it in Makati, watch out for my next post 🙂

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New Horizons

Another long sojourn from WordPress life… I have missed this~

I did not think I would be writing here again any time soon. It has been too long. But I just could not keep away from you all 😀

Now with new work, in a new office, in a new apartment and 6 months with my boyfriend. Life is beautiful 🙂

My Life


It has yet again, been too long since my last post! OMG I cannot believe how neglected my poor blog is these days. There have just been too many goings on as of late…


First and most surprising of the updates is, I am finally in a relationship! OMG I could not believe it myself…I know, it was bound to happen sooner or later 🙂

Next, my new career path. No, I have not left the company I am with nor do I have any immediate plans to. It just so happens that I am now in the Digital Marketing Department, acquiring leads and talking with potential clients.

Financial stability is getting closer and closer! Oooh I can’t wait! Investing is just around the corner for me!

Lastly and most importantly… I am so grateful and thankful that our family is deeply and utterly blessed. Considering my dad’s health conditions, luck is definitely on our side! Family and loved ones are always ready to help, the funny serendipity of being in the right place at the right time, also adds to the blessing. Imagine! He was already at the clinic when he had his angina attack? How lucky 🙂

I love my family to bits, I am so blessed with how things are going, even if it has been pretty hectic for me.


Hoping to find more time to put up a decent post soon! 🙂



Money Matters

Making Ends Meet

Since I moved to Makati, one of my top priorities was to be able to save enough money for my son’s education. Being a single parent is not really as tough as people claim it to be and neither is saving. Time and again I have heard people complain about money and its scarcity in many different scenarios. I must admit however that I too am guilty of that act. The difference however is that I do not let that get to me and do something about it.

That has always been my best traits (self-proclaimed, yes… disagree if you like), finding my own way of overcoming things instead of wallow in self-pity or complain endlessly of how the universe has been so unfair to me.

Moving on, I will now be sharing how I manage to save while not depriving myself from the joys of spending my hard earned cash for myself…

1. Save first and live off what is left over

Some people fail to see how crucial this is to saving. This must be the best practices I follow religiously since it has never failed me. Even if I binge and take a chunk out of my savings, I always make a way to pay it back on my next payout…and add my own penalty if need be. Much like borrowing from someone else with added interest, only its myself I am paying 🙂

2. Do research

Working in SEO and SMM, Google is my best friend. Surfing the internet for reviews of products that I plan on buying and most importantly their prices on online sites, is something that can get you closer to the best deals in your area. Those popular online sites like Ensogo, CashCash, Metrodeal and Groupon may seem to have affordable deals but not always. I have found cheaper alternatives in my area because of research. This goes for a variety of sales such as vacation deals, items, services etc.

3. Payday Spending

With payday just around the corner, I already have my eyes set on where I am going to eat. The Makati move has made me quite a foodie, and now that I can share this passion with a *ahem* friend of mine, we have decided to select one hole-in-the-wall restaurant to dine in per payday. We just started last February so I will be posting pics of our food adventures soon 🙂 Other payday indulgences are listed and planned waaaaay before the date, giving me enough time to contemplate whether or not I still want to spend on that when the time comes. Which leads me to the next tip:

4. Make lists

I make lists ALL THE TIME it’s just crazy! I write things down the minute I hear or think about them. If there’s a new restaurant that has good reviews, I will write it down. If there is a new product that is worth trying I will do the same. I have notebooks for various things and have spent years diligently writing in my planner. I make lists for a variety of things such as places I want to visit, the things I need (like groceries), the things I want (big difference between the two of course!) and the ever-famous to-do list. My memory is not always at its peak performance so making lists makes life (for me) all the more easier, as if I never forget anything!

5. Appreciate what you have

Saving the best for last, this must be the most important tip I have for all my blog readers. Let me share with you a fact… in the place that I am staying, which is a high-rise condominium in the heart of Makati, I earn the lowest salary among my roommates. Nonetheless it has never gotten in the way of my enjoyment with work and my life. I am pleased to be able to pay for the needs of my son, especially his tuition at a private school. I am also happy with my work experiences and social life with friends. The amount of money you make is not necessarily a factor, what matters is how you are willing to spend it. Knowing that I spend a large portion of my salary for the education of my son is a very fulfilling experience that I am grateful for day-by-day.

So no matter how much you earn, do not despair on it being too little for your needs. The truth is, it never really is. You can decide to move from company to company, in order to get a better salary but unless you know how to appreciate what you already have, there is no way you will be able to reap the benefits of whats waiting for you out there.

Appreciation for how much I make, no matter how small it may seem to some, has changed my view on finances tremendously. Because I appreciate my earnings, I value where they go and how they are spend. Every penny counts because of this appreciation.


So if you have these first five tips covered, you will be ready to handle the more serious stuff which I will continue in my next post…


Happy Thursday everyone!!! 😀

My Life

The Rewind

Hello universe! Hello WORLD?! haha yeah that phrase again…I think I must have gone through it a kazillion times through College-the-sequel (HAU). Anyway, I was soooo busy during the holiday season that I was not able to update my blog.

Thing is, I had to attend to some familial matters..The holidays passed by like a breeze that I hardly noticed how fast time flies and how much I have forgotten to blog about those moments.

So it is another typical day at work, with some major changes that have transcribed throughout the dormancy of this blog.

First, the SEO team has been cut down to just me and Jake.

Of course, considering my status as a single parent with nada paternal support…I am glad I still have my job! mixed emotions flow through my veins though as at that time I was distraught that my manager and co-workers would no longer be part of the company. We were originally ten in the SEO team when my then manager resigned. Two of my co-workers followed suit and two more were moved to another team….and then there were five. Because I was busy working on a special project for our client, I was so busy with work when the management was eyeing the rest of the team. We were then stripped of four more people including my manager. Luckily, one of them managed to make it to the development team but the rest were not so lucky.

So now it is just me and Jake, the original SEO writers for the team.

Another big change was that our department no longer does writing for clients. Now it is more of reporting, analysis, SEO and SMM which I actually quite enjoy. The change, although abrupt and uncalled for is a breath of fresh air as I was beginning to get so mind wrecked from my previous position that it just got boring.

It is more exciting now taking a head on look in SEO and learning new things at the same time. I can honestly say that this is definitely something to look forward to everyday.

Another outcome of this predicament was my thorough appreciation of my HMO. Since I got my HMO card, I had not used it for anything, but the moment my then co-workers were informed of the layoff, they started scheduling checkups. I decided to follow suit soon after and made schedules of my own, including checkups for my son as well who now has a lovely pair of new spectacles! Absolutely adorable ❤

Moving on to the holidays, they were not as extravagant as the previous years because of certain adjustments due to medical reasons. The important part is that we were complete during this season, and happy for good health and well-being.


Now it is summer! OMG summer!!! Beaches and bikinis plague the marketplaces with their presence!

Not only that, but it is graduation season! My son will soon be in first grade! How awesome is it that I am able to support his needs and tuition all by myself. Once I have saved enough to get him through to college, I can die happily. Seriously! Besides, it is every parents dream to secure the future of their children, right? Well every parent who is in their right mind.

Through all this I am blessed to have my family, friends and loved one’s supporting me all the way… I am truly grateful and completely blessed ❤


Happy Monday 😀

My Life


…to get what you want, you have to know what you want!

This phrase could never be more true! I have spent many a sleepless moments trying to decipher what it is exactly that I desire. Aside from the material longings, I have always had this deep connection to possessing some very important traits and qualities.

I think this is getting a tad bit too confusing, it’s probably time to categorize, yes?

1. The Ideal Living Space
Time and again I have longed for a space to call my own. I am quite lucky to have my own room at home which I have taken the liberty to decorate according to my unique taste and obsession of the amphibian species. My room echoes apple greens, reds and pinks. The polished wood furniture make the space warm and inviting. Yet I have had this constant longing for an apartment or condominium unit of my own. One where I live solely without sharing with a roommate. Though I currently live in one now, I would like my own separate space some time in the future. I wonder when this dream will materialize? Soon, hopefully 🙂

2. The Full Closet
I love clothes! Especially those that make me look sophisticated, powerful, professional and important. Corporate attire, dresses and gowns, 4-inch stilettos, scarves and what not! On normal days though nothing beats tight jeans, a tank top, hoodie and sneakers. Oh I have a thing for checkered shirts, low necklines, crochet and lacey blouses.

3. The foreign language

Truth be told, I can speak a scarce amount of French (yes I have been to France), German (my bestie is Swiss), Chinese (I have many Chinese friends) and Japanese (Rarejob and too much anime). But I have never really mastered any! Given the chance and the time, I would like to speak French fluently first before any other language.

4. Financial Independence

Yes, I am slowly getting there! Currently, I am looking into long-term investments and mutual funds while still saving up for my 8 month emergency fund. Something I am proud of is that I have never (and hopefully will never) own/owned a credit card and have therefore never been in debt, therefore always saving up for big items and paying up-front in cash. This actually makes the purchase more meaningful. Plus, the duration it takes to save up will also determine whether my interest in the item has persevered or diminished. I also make it a point to be neither a borrower nor a lender. I pay myself first at each payout, making due with the remains of my salary for other essentials. Keeping up this positive outlook on finances is something I hope to accomplish. Delayed gratification ika nga 🙂

5. A girl in a man’s world

Ever since I can remember, I love being up in the game especially when it comes to what women can and can’t do. Assemble my own pc? Yup! Repaired a electric stove, electric fan, television set and furniture? Of course! I can do just as much as any man can do and hate being dependent. I make it a point to be able to handle things myself and not rely on someone else to do it for me. Honestly speaking, I despise those girls that have their boyfriends/brothers/male friends do just about anything for them. I mean, hello? Are you really that lazy or just refuse to teach yourself how to do it? So yeah, I have never been that girl. If i need to get things done and those things are generally stuff a man is expected to be adept at, I will try to learn how to get it done myself or get a guy to teach me. But never…EVER be continually dependent that he does it for me all the time. Unless of course he insists 😉 So what I have yet to learn? How to change a tire, resolve an overheated car engine and assemble electrical wiring.

PS. If you are wondering why I know so much tech stuff…my dad was a Mechanical Engineer. He practically rewired the entire household….


Hmm let’s seeeeeee

My Life


Time and again people have mistaken me for being cold, independent and the typical “manhid”. I take romantic gestures at arms length and no further.

Then again if you are consistent, determined and persevering…that’s when my heart starts to soften.

Truth of the matter is, I am a hopeless romantic at heart. I think I have met quite the gentleman 😀

Like i said in a previous post, there is no one quite like him. He is like some rare species that is prone to extinction. What he does for me takes my breath away every time and the consistency is an ultimate plus. I cannot remember a single Friday where he did not pick me up and take me home to my doorstep. If he is in Makati, he will take me to work and pick me up from work as often as he can. If able, he will make breakfast or packed lunch for me…well even dinner! I mention once my favourite things or a particular food I want to try and he will find a way to get it for me. He surprises me with deliveries at work, or notes he leaves among my things. He randomly gives me flowers and chocolates, even if there is no real occasion.

Other amusing things are how much he has changed. When we were still getting to know each other, I told him about my likes and dislikes… He has remembered every single one.

He doesn’t swear anymore, nor does he obsess over gaming like he used to. When we walk together, he keeps me on the safe side of the road always. He carries almost all of my things when we travel together and does not even complain even if he starts breaking a sweat. I tell him once how cold it is at work and the next day he gives me all his jackets. He is an awesome cook! He would go so far as to ask his aunt to help him make my favourite recipes. When he is at our condo, he will wash all the dishes, throw the trash, sweep the floor and the minute i so much as pick up a rag, he will take it from me and do the cleaning instead. When he is over and sees me washing my clothes, he will either join me or do all the washing himself! He hates seeing me exhausted and tired, which is why he would rather do all the chores for me. I seldom have him do things for me since he always does it instinctively without me asking. He is my guest so of course I don’t ask him to do chores! He seems happy just doing them all.

When I was sick, he was at my door. He brought me medicine and made all my meals everyday until I got better.

Like I said, me being in Makati with work and my weekends dedicated to my family, I have little to no time to spare. Him coming all the way to Makati just to help me wash my clothes or cook my dinner for me makes him for keeps 🙂 He is simply happy doing these things with me…for me. How awesome is that?

I am just blown away. He is actually happy taking out the trash for me?! This is still so new to me.. I have known him since January 11, 2012 yet he has been consistent with his actions ever since he found out I had moved to Makati to work in May last year.

So for almost 9 months of consistency, I salute you! Haha, I hope you realize how much I appreciate your undying effort to make me smile, at every chance that you get. Even when busy at work or running errands and freelancing stuff, you always find time.

This hereby brings justice to the saying:

“Where there’s a will, there’s a way!”