Dear Blog

Oh how I have missed posting…

I know it has been so long and I have not updated you as of late, but things have been so busy, so hectic and so downright mad lately.

Asking how I am? I am good, great actually as things are slowly falling back into place.

A few weeks ago I spent my weekend at Graphika Manila 2012, a Multimedia Conference at the SMX Convention Center in the SM Mall of Asia last August 11. It was a very insightful conference indeed. Apparently, a lot of people I know attended the conference, yet alas, fate did not permit our paths to be crossed.

I went to Graphika Manila with a friend of mine, Carlo. After half a day of insightful talks from young and successful individuals in the Multimedia field, we walked around MOA to find Bacolod Chicken Inasal.

I had purchased a voucher from Ensogo, a week earlier and wanted to try out the food at that place. The voucher was for 300 pesos worth of food all for 180 pesos. There was another voucher that I was gunning for earlier yet those available for the MOA branch were all sold out by the time I looked! Oh well..

On our way there we bumped into the faculty of CICT. What a surprise! I did not expect them all to be there since I am aware that Graphika Manila was never part of the Practicum students’ itinerary for Seminars. I suppose this is due to the fact that tickets for Graphika Manila are extremely expensive. I paid P1750 for mine and that was at an early bird discount rate! Carlo, being a student at HAU, had a cheaper student rate yet still paid around P1650 for the Paypal transaction.

Getting tickets for the event is all done online. You register for tickets, pay either over the counter or via credit card or Paypal and then wait for the ticket to be delivered to your specified address. There was nothing special about the ticket, nor the contents of the letter when I had received it in the mail. I suppose simplicity is the new theme for Graphika Manila this year…

In conclusion, the event was awesome and we both learned a lot of things from it. The inspiring insight of the speakers was truly helpful, and I believe that they have inspired many students in the audience. Halfway through the second portion of the event however, we could not help but fall asleep! Blame it on the late night to early morning crazy house food trips and overall madness.

Note: Crazy House is the new term we use for our Condo Unit. We all pretty much jive with each other that things can get hilariously crazy and insane! Cher has coined nicknames for us all:

Anne – The Landlady (Since the rental of the unit was her idea and is in her name)

Dah – The Admin (for reasons I have yet to figure out)

Cher – The Board(er)? :))

Tatch – The Muse (Ang aangal dito ay matatamaan ng kidlat)

As for Carlo, I don’t know if there’s a nickname for him yet…I will ask Cher later to help me clear things out in this post XD

So, what else has been going on?

Oh yes! speaking of coined nicknames, I have actually coined Carlo with the nickname “Chef”

Chef? Why Chef?!

Because one Graphika Manila Morning… He cooked an awesome breakfast for us all 😀

And to think he made me believe that he couldn’t/doesn’t/wouldn’t cook?! I loved the fact that I woke up to him making breakfast! It was the sweetest thing 🙂

Cher: Aww that’s so nice! At least we have FOOD!

I really need to update this post with pictures, but I left my USB cable at the condo, haha XD

Till then dears!

Must get back to work first :p


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